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Home at Kronkel

The coffee shop in the heart of Nijmegen since 1986.
For quality products, a delicious meal and a relaxed atmosphere.

Open every day from 10 am to 1 am
The bar opens at 11 am

Delicious food and drinks

Whether it’s churros with chocolate sauce or spaghetti dishes, lentil soup or our famous milkshakes: at Kronkel you can go for your sweet and savory appetite.

Kronkel Life

Kronkel stands for a relaxed lifestyle,there is already enough tension on this planet. Quality and creativity is important in everything we do and are. Did you know, for example, that artists often perform in our shop? Live the Kronkel life!

Kronkel Webshop

T-shirts, lighters, sunglasses, socks: check out all Kronkel merchandise here, with our famous logo and of exceptional quality.

Home at Kronkel

In Kronkel, you’re at ease. You can comfortably sit at the fireplace for a chat with a friend. Listen to a DJ. Play a game of pool if you want. You pay touch-free, eat fresh, enjoy quality products and good grief, those milkshakes…

Take a look around!

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Coffeeshop Kronkel Nijmegen

Mood & Food

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Kronkel Nijmegen

Vlaamse Gas 26-36
6511 HR Nijmegen
024 324 0909


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