Kronkel Birthday Bingo

April 18th, it’s our birthday! To celebrate, we’re throwing a wild bingo bash! It’s been years since the last one, so we’re going all out with plenty of surprises and prizes to go around.

Date & Time

On Tuesday the 18th of April we will play 3 rounds starting from 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 hours respectively. Every round there are 4 prizes to be won.

How to play?

From Saturday the 15th, you can grab a free bingo card with any consumption. Bingo cards come in three colours, one for each round. Green bingo cards for the first round, yellow for the second, and the third round will be played with red cards.

Remember, a bingo card does not guarantee a place in the game. Make sure to arrive well ahead of the starting time, as seating is limited and reservations are not possible. Coming with a large group is also not advised because of this.

So come on down, grab your bingo card, and let’s get this party started!

Kronkel Nijmegen

Vlaamsegas 26-36
6511 HR Nijmegen
024 324 0909

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